How You Can Help

There are many ways to help these homeless pets. We have listed a few of them below.

For those interested in adoption, browse through our links section describing pets in need of loving homes and provide a pet with that much needed forever home. For your convenience, the "Adopt A Pet" link takes you to a list of various shelter and rescue groups that have pets that need homes.

If you can’t devote a permanent home for a pet, perhaps you can foster a pet for a short time until a forever home is located.

If you can’t adopt or foster, please consider sponsoring a pet. Sponsorships of any size are welcome in order to get homeless pets the basic necessities required until a home is found.

We also have an online gift shop where all proceeds go to animal rescue groups and shelters. There are literally thousands of gift items to choose from. And remember, it’s for the animals.

If you can’t adopt, foster or be a sponsor, there is always volunteering. Most shelters are understaffed and are in desperate need of volunteers to help care for all of the pets in need.

You can also drop off donations of unopened food, supplies or funds at our drop off location at 345 N. Arizona Ave. in Prescott.

With so many different options available to help, we hope you can choose at least one of the suggestions above to act upon and help a homeless pet.