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"Helping rescue more of our friends"
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Supporting Rescued Pets

Picture this ...
Your family doesn’t want you anymore and then abandons you. You’re now homeless, wandering the streets only to be picked up and placed in jail – or your family takes you directly to jail – all for doing absolutely nothing wrong! Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happening to innocent dogs and cats in our area.

Our Mission
Every homeless pet has a story and it is our mission to make it a happy ending. We are Supporting Rescued Pets, a nonprofit, volunteer organization. Although Supporting Rescued Pets does not have a shelter of its own, our website contains links to all of the shelters in our area that are trying to find homes for pets in their care. We have information on hundreds of pets that need loving homes, food, medical attention and other basic necessities.

Our goal
Our goal is to provide public awareness of this crisis and to help raise funds to take care of those pets not yet adopted. With the down turn of the economy, shelters are overcrowded, underfunded and in desperate need of your help. Most people are just unaware of the seriousness of the situation.
Now picture this!
Wouldn’t it be great to come home everyday to a friend who is always excited to see you, has endless love to share and never has a bad day? Well, hundreds of homeless dogs and cats in our area are exactly that type of friend and eagerly await people like you to adopt them. And by doing so, you both could live longer and happier lives. So, check out our entire website and help us help the hundreds of homeless pets have a happy ending.
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We are Rise and Steven Plimley. We are accountants by trade in the Prescott area for over 15 years. We have a couple of rescue dogs of our own, Brandy and Hannah, who we dedicate this website to. Despite being here for so long, it was only a few years ago that we really discovered the magnitude of the crisis at hand. There is very little visibility about all of the organizations out there trying to help homeless pets. There is also very little money available to really invest in a public awareness program.  
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